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Other Foundation Duties

One of the founding principles of Babcock Ranch is a commitment to stewardship, and the idea that we must leave a place better than we found it. In addition to community outreach, the Foundation is also responsible for overseeing the Babcock Ranch Environmental Stewardship Fee and the Community Enhancement Fund.

These programs are duties of the Foundation and funded solely by Babcock Ranch resident fees. All donations made directly to the Babcock Ranch Foundation are collected to support our programs and initiatives to improve the lives of residents within the greater South Florida community.

Environmental Stewardship Fee

Rain Gardens

Creating Change Through Preservation

The Environmental Stewardship Fee was created through an agreement with the State of Florida when the state acquired the Babcock Ranch Preserve in 2006. The Environmental Stewardship Fee is funded by collecting $1/month per household through the Babcock Ranch HOA. This fee is used to develop environmental education, research, and stewardship activities within the Babcock Ranch community and its surrounding environment, which includes the Babcock Ranch Preserve

Community Enhancement Fee

The Heights Foundation

A Commitment to Future Generations

The Babcock Ranch Foundation also oversees the Babcock Ranch Community Enhancement Fund. The CEF supports a variety of programs and projects that will enrich the lives of Babcock Ranch residents and in turn, the community at large.

The CEF is funded by a Community Enhancement Fee, a one-time fee collected from resale home transactions. The CEF can only be used to directly benefit the Babcock Ranch community through new programs and enhancements. The CEF is a separate program from the Babcock Ranch Foundation’s regional community projects, which are funded by donations only.

The CEF will be used for activities such as:

  • Community events
  • Educational programs
  • Park and conservancy programs
  • Recreational sports leagues
  • Volunteer programs
  • Support of civic groups